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Acoustic Enclosure for Power Plant

We produce specialized Acoustic Enclosures designed specifically for power plants, ensuring that noise emissions are maintained within permissible levels. Controlling industrial acoustics is crucial, especially in manufacturing units with high noise levels, such as cement plants, steel plants, oil and gas plants, and forging industries. Our acoustic enclosures are versatile, meeting the diverse needs of various industries. To ensure optimal performance, we provide a comprehensive structural design for the acoustic enclosure, supported by engineering expertise for layout planning. 

Key specifications include proper ventilation and air circulation to enhance power plant efficiency. In our designs, we incorporate acoustically treated louvers for ventilation. Sufficient ventilation is essential, particularly for enclosures housing heavy-duty equipment, to facilitate proper air circulation without compromising power plant performance. We provide sufficient no. of acoustic doors for maintenance access equipped with heavy duty hardware and seals to prevent noise leakage. Although power plants ideally operate in open environments, environmental noise restrictions necessitate the use of acoustic enclosures.

It covers the requirements of industries like cement plants, steel plants, oil, and gas plants, and forging industries among many others. We also create acoustic enclosures as per the client’s specifications, if there are any. Contact us today to get the best acoustic enclosures for your power plants at the most affordable rates in the industry.

Our Acoustic Enclosures for Power Plants are equipped with acoustic doors and windows to uphold industrial acoustics levels. The enclosure features carefully designed air vents with acoustically treated louvers for both inlet and exhaust, meeting all necessary specifications for power plant enclosures. We prioritize understanding our clients’ requirements, ensuring that our solutions align with their specific needs.

We stand as the premier manufacturer of Operator Soundproof Cabins in India. Our soundproof cabins and operational spaces provide a secure, ergonomic, and, most importantly, a quiet environment for work in Power Plants, Turbines, and noisy areas with heavy machinery. Our offerings encompass both standardized and tailor-made solutions, ensuring versatility to meet diverse needs.

Sound Insulation: Our cabins boast sound insulation capabilities up to STC 58 dB, creating an environment conducive to focused work.

Fire Resistance: Engineered for safety, our cabins exhibit fire resistance up to 2 hours, meeting stringent safety standards.

  • Noise reductions according to CPCB Norms /as per ISO 14001 requirement for industrial applications.
  • Controlled environment for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and vibration isolation.
  • Hinge type door of required size, doors are fitted with Gasket to block noise leakage from gap.
  • Spring loaded lock, open able from both sides.
  • Rain water protection hood to corner for fresh air inlet acoustic louvers.
  • Electrical wiring, switch board & light to maintain 300 LUX inside the enclosure.
  • All Hardware’s were Zinc passivated to avoid rusting & door hinges are SS.
  • Provided cutouts in acoustic panel for pipe / cable entry or any other requirement.
  • Two coat primer & automotive paint in desired shade.
  • Acoustically treated louvers on roof of Acoustic Enclosure for air inlet & exhaust.

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