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Blower Acoustic Enclosure

We design premium Blower Acoustic Enclosure, Soundproof Enclosures and Acoustic Hoods specifically for blowers, ensuring high quality, compact size, and easy dismantling as per client specifications and site requirements. Our development process prioritizes both Blower Acoustic Enclosure aesthetics and precise sound level management. In addition to the enclosures, we offer Acoustic Louvers and effective ventilation systems equipped with silencers to enhance overall functionality. Blower Acoustic Enclosures are designed to minimize the emitted noise from the Air Blowers as much as possible.

Our Soundproof Enclosure for Blower is designed to control if noise needed for below 85 dBA (decibels), a community property line concern, or any other high level of sound reduction. Our blower acoustic enclosures have measured 50-60% quieter during before and after equipment installations. This is achieved with our soundproof enclosure for the blower system.

The blower enclosures crafted by Rihana Industries are constructed from galvanized material or 14-gauge steel or .125-inch aluminum, offering a robust and durable framework. Internally, the enclosures feature a lining of heat-resistant and oil-resistant acoustic material, seamlessly dual-bonded with the outer body. Engineered for longevity, these enclosures are resilient in harsh weather conditions, providing comprehensive protection for the enclosed equipment. The door sides are sealed with gaskets to effectively contain sound. Special hinges and ½ turn compression fasteners ensure secure closure.

The design of our blower enclosures is both straightforward and tailored to meet client specifications. Equipped with dual doors at the front and rear, accessing the blower is convenient. Our blower enclosures also incorporate oil inspection ports with spring hinges, strategically located for easy access. These ports come with extensions for simplified oil drainage and changes from outside the enclosure, minimizing the need for unnecessary entry and reducing associated risks.

For added versatility, an optional cooling fan can be integrated at the far end of the enclosure. This fan facilitates the intake of cool air and expels hot air, effectively regulating the internal environment, making it particularly beneficial for systems generating elevated temperatures.

The Blower Acoustic Enclosure is a specialized structure designed to mitigate the noise generated by blowers, ensuring a quieter operational environment. These enclosures are meticulously crafted to address both acoustic performance and functionality, incorporating various key features:

Why Rihana Industries Stands Out:

Material and Construction:

  • Crafted from galvanized material, 14-gauge steel, or .125-inch aluminum for enhanced durability.
  • The robust construction is engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-term use.

Acoustic Lining:

  • The interior is lined with acoustic material that possesses heat-resistant and oil-resistant qualities.
  • The acoustic lining is dual-bonded with the outer body, contributing to improved noise reduction.

Access Design:


  • Equipped with dual doors at the front and rear to facilitate easy access to the blower.
  • The sides of the doors are lined with gaskets to effectively seal and contain sound.

Security and Convenience:

  • Special hinges and ½ turn compression fasteners are incorporated for secure closure and user convenience.
  • Optional features, such as oil inspection ports with spring hinges, provide easy maintenance without unnecessary entry.

Oil Inspection and Drainage:

  • Designed with oil inspection ports featuring spring hinges for straightforward access.
  • Extensions are provided for uncomplicated oil drainage and changes from the exterior, minimizing the need for unnecessary entry.

Cooling System (Optional):

  • An optional cooling fan is integrated into the enclosure.
  • This feature facilitates the intake of cool air while expelling hot air, effectively regulating the internal temperature, particularly beneficial for systems generating elevated temperatures.

In summary, the Blower Acoustic Enclosure is tailored to create a conducive and quieter working environment by effectively containing and reducing blower-generated noise, all while prioritizing accessibility and maintenance considerations.

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