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Compressor Acoustic Enclosure

The Compressor Acoustic Enclosure is versatile, suitable for both air compressors and wire bending machines. This free-standing structure has been scientifically engineered to eliminate sound resonance, maintaining noise emissions below the required level. Our experience includes the successful installation of numerous Acoustic Enclosures for air compressors and wire bending machines, achieving noise reduction to a 30dB(A) for noise measurement. Our primary goal is to minimize noise levels as much as possible. Compressor enclosures are custom built according to the specifications and requirements of the client. We ensure a quick delivery time of the enclosure unit.

The air vents ensure plenty of air circulation inside the enclosure. Constructed for durability, the body of the Acoustic Enclosure for Compressor is galvanized with a non-corrosive zinc coating, ensuring resilience in challenging weather conditions. The enclosure features a sliding door with a grooved pulley mechanism for smooth operation. Additionally, acoustic windows are incorporated for observation, made from double-glazed glass that is both soundproof and weatherproof. Our commitment lies in reducing noise to the minimum achievable level while providing enduring and effective acoustic enclosure solutions.

These air ducts are insulated and have acoustic louvers. The exhaust outlet is fitted with axial flow fan and a silencer. The compressor enclosure has sufficient lighting on the inside for proper visibility. Provisions for cables and pipes are sealed after installation of the compressor to prevent noise leakage. We have the capability to provide precise sound attenuation solutions for enclosing your compressor, ensuring a noise-free work environment. Our compressor acoustic enclosures are crafted using an acoustic construction panel system designed for walls and roofs.

These panels are customizable with various Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings tailored to meet specific noise reduction requirements. Their pre-fabricated nature allows for swift and efficient installation, ensuring timely implementation. Additionally, these acoustic panels are demountable, facilitating easy relocation and reconstruction in a different compressor location when needed.

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Comprehensive Support: Rihana Industries is not just a supplier; we are your noise control partners. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist with any inquiries, ensuring a seamless experience from inquiry to installation.

Choose Rihana Industries for quality, innovation, and reliability in acoustic enclosures. Contact us today to experience the difference in noise control with our cutting-edge solutions.

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