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We bring forth precision-engineered Machine Acoustic Enclosure for our valued clients. Driven by innovation, these Acoustic Enclosures are ideal for Generators, compressors, blowers, sewing machine, hydraulic machine, cable machine and many others. Acoustic Enclosures are widely used for internal as well as external use in many industries. Further, they protect machines and generators from all weather conditions, fire, humidity & dust. There is environment protection industrial regulation regarding the noise level for machines and this is one of the main reasons for Machine enclosures with built-in acoustic control.

Rihana Industries Machine Acoustic Enclosures are tailor made according to dimensions of the machine. An important factor to be taken into consideration is the location of the machine and its surroundings, which may give rise to weather proofing the exteriors. An acoustic enclosure, also known as a Soundproof Acoustic Enclosure or noise enclosure or soundproof enclosure, refers to soundproof chambers to either contain or prevent the transmission of noise.

We specialize in the production of diverse machine enclosures designed to minimize noise and create a conducive work environment. Our products are tailored to achieve specific noise level targets, promoting a comfortable workplace that enables focused attention on crucial tasks. This aids in enhancing overall performance and ensuring timely project delivery. Rest assured, our technically engineered Acoustic Enclosures are not only effective but also reliable in terms of performance and durability.

Our expertise extends to the implementation of acoustic enclosures for various equipment, including air compressors and wire bending machines. These free-standing enclosures are meticulously crafted to eliminate sound resonance, maintaining noise emissions at or below the required levels. Notably, our Sound Proof Enclosures for wire benders and air compressors have been successfully deployed, achieving noise reduction to a level compliant with IS:12065-1987 clause No. 3.3.1 for noise measurement, with a target threshold of 30 dB(A). Our commitment is to consistently minimize noise levels, contributing to a more conducive work environment.

The acoustic enclosure for compressors is built with durability in mind. Galvanized with a non-corrosive zinc coating, it ensures resilience against harsh weather conditions, guaranteeing longevity and sustained performance.

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  • Cutouts for pipes, wires, and cables
  • Double-glazed glass windows for light and visibility. This can be wire treated if required
  • Doors with gasket seals to prevent the leakage of noise
  • Air vents with louvers for ventilation that have acoustic treatment
  • Removable panels for repair and maintenance of the machine especially if the enclosure is small
  • The enclosure has a lighting level of 300 LUX which allows plenty of visibility inside the enclosure.

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Acoustic Enclosure offer peace and tranquility during construction activities and create a sound-free atmosphere.


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