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Turbine Acoustic Enclosure

Rihana Industries specialize in manufacturing Turbine Acoustic Enclosure designed to offer effective sound absorption and acoustic control within well-ventilated environments. Our turbine enclosures feature collapsible walls and roof panels that are securely bolted together to form a robust acoustic structure. A turbine engine whether it is powered by gas or steam generates a very high noise level which is not permissible in the environment are per the regulations.  All panels undergo acoustic treatment, ensuring compliance with noise level regulations.

 The Turbine Enclosure is equipped with soundproof windows and doors to further enhance acoustic control. To address heat and humidity buildup, the Turbine Enclosure Manufacturer is fitted with an exhaust outlet and a blower, promoting efficient ventilation. Air vents are strategically placed to facilitate ample air circulation inside the enclosure. Both the inlet and outlet are insulated and incorporate silencers and acoustic louvers to prevent noise leakage.

Cutouts are thoughtfully provided for cables and pipes, and these areas are acoustically treated with proper seals, ensuring a noise-free environment even when accommodating pipes and cables. Additionally, the enclosure is equipped with fire-fighting equipment and constructed with fire-resistant materials, prioritizing safety and compliance with stringent standards.

Turbines, such as gas turbines or steam turbines, are often large and powerful machines that can generate significant noise levels during operation. We are turbine acoustic enclosure manufacturer in India and it is used to mitigate the noise produced by turbines and create a quieter working environment.

The primary purpose of a Turbine Acoustic Enclosure is to reduce the noise generated by the turbine and prevent it from propagating to the surrounding area. These enclosures employ various noise control techniques to achieve this goal:

Sound Absorption: The interior surfaces of the enclosure are lined with sound-absorbing materials. These materials help absorb and dampen the sound waves generated by the turbine. Common sound-absorbing materials used in turbine enclosures include acoustic panels, foam, or mineral wool. The absorption of sound energy helps reduce the noise levels inside the enclosure.

Sound Blocking: Turbine acoustic enclosures are constructed using sound-blocking materials to prevent sound from escaping. These materials, such as mass-loaded vinyl, composite panels, or heavy-duty steel, provide a barrier that reflects and blocks the transmission of sound waves. The enclosure is designed to ensure that the noise generated by the turbine remains contained within the enclosure, minimizing its impact on the surrounding area.

Ventilation and Cooling: Turbines require proper ventilation and cooling to maintain optimal performance. Turbine acoustic enclosures incorporate specially designed ventilation systems that balance the need for airflow with the requirement for noise control. Acoustic louvers, attenuators, or silencers can be integrated into the ventilation openings to reduce noise while allowing adequate airflow for cooling.

Structural Design: The structural design of the enclosure is crucial to ensure stability and minimize the transmission of vibration and mechanical noise. The enclosure is constructed to be rigid and resilient, capable of dampening and isolating vibrations produced by the turbine. This helps prevent the propagation of mechanical noise and vibration to the surrounding environment.

Fire Gas Protection System for Turbine Acoustic Enclosure:

We design and provide Fire and Gas Protection System for Gas Turbine and Gas Generator Acoustic Enclosure. The basic requirements for fire and gas protection can be fire & gas detection & protection systems. FGS system with fire /flame detectors, flammable gas detectors, sounders, visual indicators, inert gas fire extinguishing system, and controller. The F&G controller can be installed within the IP55 rated FGS panel. This system detects gas occurrence inside the acoustic enclosure and is capable of receiving/sending signals from/to the package PLC and central F&G control system in order to protect the unit against fire hazard.

The gas engine Acoustic Enclosure equipped with the following systems-

(i) IR3 type flame detectors.

(ii) IR Flammable gas detectors.

(iii) Inert gas fire extinguishing system.

(iv ) IR3 type fire detectors

(v) Shutdown and electrical isolation of the package               

(vi) The shutdown of the ventilation system and closure of its fire dampers.

( vii) Initiation of fire suppression system / appropriate alarms (audible and visual) and communication of status/alarm signals hardwired to central fire and gas system

(viii) Inert gas fire extinguishing system

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Acoustic Enclosure offer peace and tranquility during construction activities and create a sound-free atmosphere.


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