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Rihana Industries is reputed as a manufacturer of high standard and quality acoustic louvers and sound attenuators. Our products are not only effective in providing sound control measures but are aesthetically pleasing as well. Our acoustic louvers have aerodynamically designed blades helping with noise control as well as control of weather variation. These louvers act as silencers for the openings in the acoustic enclosure and prevent noise leakage. These innovative louvers are strategically designed to address the escalating challenges of noise pollution in various industrial and commercial settings across Pan India.

Rihana Industries proudly stands as a premier manufacturer and supplier of Acoustic Louvers. These innovative louvers are strategically designed to address the escalating challenges of noise pollution in various industrial and commercial settings across Pan India.

The Acoustic Louvers are usually made of high-quality aluminum or galvanized steel for its tensile strength and durability with a thickness of 300mm or 600mm. They are also resistant to adverse conditions such as weather, heat and cold. The acoustic louvers are specially designed to withstand pressure drop and water ingress without hindering air flow. The fiber glass insulation of the louvers helps to absorb sound.

With environmental concerns and the industrial noise pollution regulations these areas need an acoustic solution. Acoustic louvered screens are typically used in areas where the plant is very large and cannot be encapsulated in an acoustic container, such as an air conditioning plant. The acoustic louvers are put up around the plant for environment sound control.

Key Features:

Effective Noise Reduction: Rihana Industries’ Acoustic Louvers are meticulously engineered to deliver highly effective noise reduction, serving as an efficient barrier against unwanted sound in diverse environments.

Tailored Designs for Varied Applications: Acknowledging the diverse applications of noise control, our Acoustic Louvers are available in customizable designs. Whether intended for HVAC systems, industrial facilities, or commercial spaces, Rihana Industries tailors louvers to meet specific requirements.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Materials: Prioritizing durability, Rihana Industries crafts Acoustic Louvers from top-tier, weather-resistant materials. This ensures prolonged longevity and sustained performance, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Optimized Airflow and Ventilation: While focusing on noise reduction, Rihana Industries ensures that Acoustic Louvers maintain optimal airflow and ventilation. This balance is critical for preserving the efficiency of system functionality without compromising on noise control.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Rihana Industries is committed to delivering solutions that meet or exceed industry standards. Our Acoustic Louvers comply with regulatory requirements, providing clients assurance regarding noise management in their facilities.


Industrial Facilities: Our Acoustic Louvers find application in industrial settings, effectively reducing the noise generated by machinery and equipment.

Commercial Buildings: From shopping malls to office complexes, Rihana Industries’ Acoustic Louvers contribute to a quieter and more comfortable environment for occupants.

HVAC Systems: Integrating Acoustic Louvers into HVAC systems optimizes noise control without compromising the efficiency of ventilation and air circulation.

Rihana Industries stands as a beacon of innovation in noise control solutions, providing Acoustic Louvers that set new standards in the industry. As a manufacturer and supplier operating Pan India, we are dedicated to delivering products that not only address noise-related challenges but also contribute to a more harmonious and tranquil environment. Choose Rihana Industries for your Acoustic Louver needs and experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, durability, and efficiency in noise management. Elevate your spaces with our acoustic solutions, where performance meets peace.

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