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Rihana Industries proudly introduces its cutting-edge NVH Test Chamber. Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) testing are pivotal in ensuring the quality and performance of vehicles and machinery, and Rihana Industries’ innovative solution takes this process to the next level. The NVH Test Chambers are usually custom designed according to the client’s specific need. They are manufactured with the dimensions and for the sound level required. The NVH test chamber focuses on the Noise, Vibration & Harshness of the sound.

This analysis is performed by our experienced and qualified acoustic engineers who measure the noise levels. The impact of the sound and vibration on the environment is evaluated and we advise our client regarding the appropriate measures. Noise mapping, the structural dynamics and monitoring aids in identifying the source of the noise helps to ascertain the control measure that need to be enforced.

Other areas of application of the NVH test chamber are for recording studios when bands are performing or voice overs are being recorded or if there is a broadcast taking place. Events such as trade shows, private conferences, language classes, hearing tests and karaoke also use the NVH test chamber. Sound testing for loud machines and industrial projects use the NVH test chamber.

Key Features:

State-of-the-Art Acoustic Control: The NVH Test Chamber by Rihana Industries features cutting-edge acoustic technologies to create a controlled environment. This allows engineers and researchers to conduct NVH tests with unparalleled precision, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Customizable Testing Configurations: Acknowledging the diverse requirements of NVH testing, the chamber offers customizable configurations to adapt to various testing scenarios. This flexibility allows engineers to tailor the testing environment to the specific needs of their projects.

Vibration Isolation Technology: The NVH Test Chamber incorporates advanced vibration isolation technology, minimizing external vibrations and ensuring that tests are conducted in an environment free from interference. This is crucial for obtaining accurate data in the evaluation of noise and vibration levels.

Real-time Monitoring and Analysis: Rihana Industries prioritizes real-time data with the NVH Test Chamber, equipped with sophisticated monitoring and analysis tools. This enables engineers to observe and analyze test results instantly, facilitating prompt adjustments and improvements.

Ease of Operation: The user-friendly interface of the NVH Test Chamber ensures that engineers can operate the chamber with ease. Intuitive controls and a streamlined setup process contribute to a seamless testing experience.


Automotive Industry: Automotive engineers can leverage the NVH Test Chamber to assess and refine vehicle components, ensuring a quieter and smoother driving experience for end-users.

Industrial Machinery: Manufacturers of industrial machinery can benefit from NVH testing to enhance the durability and performance of their products, ultimately reducing noise and vibration levels.

Research and Development: The NVH Test Chamber serves as a crucial tool in research and development, enabling engineers to explore innovative solutions for noise and vibration reduction in various applications.

At Rihana Industries, our commitment to innovation and excellence drives the development of cutting-edge solutions like the NVH Test Chamber. Focused on advancing technology to meet the evolving needs of industries, we strive to empower engineers and researchers with tools that elevate the standards of quality and performance.

Incorporate the NVH Test Chamber from Rihana Industries into your testing processes and experience a new era of precision in Noise, Vibration, and Harshness testing. Partner with us as we continue to shape the future of engineering solutions.

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